About Seacert

Seacert Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intertrust Technologies Corporation. It was established in 2006 to provide trust services for adopters of Marlin technology. Today, Seacert supports the vast majority of Marlin DRM deployments around the world, with over 30 major consumer electronics device makers and network operators. Seacert also provides Root Management Services and Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Certificate Services.


Marlin DRM

Seacert is a Trust Service Provider (TSP) for Marlin DRM. Marlin adopters can use Seacert’s Marlin Trust Services to provision their devices and services. We currently support key provisioning for both the Marlin Broadband and IPTV-ES specifications.

Seacert complies with the cryptographic and reporting requirements set forth in the Marlin specifications (available at www.marlin-community.com) and by the Marlin Trust Management Organization (MTMO) for Marlin Broadband and Marlin IPTV-ES. Included in Seacert’s service offerings are provisioning devices and services (for both test and production implementations), generating and managing dedicated adopter Client Adopter keys and certificates, fulfilling Marlin Trust Management Organization (MTMO) reporting requirements and remitting the MTMO Security Operations fee to the MTMO.

In addition to acting as a TSP for adopters, Seacert provides trust services to the MTMO itself. Seacert has implemented the public key infrastructure (PKI) for both Marlin Broadband and Marlin IPTV-ES along with implementing the related remediation systems.

Marlin allows adopters to provision their devices and services in any way that meets the standards set forth by MTMO. Seacert offers Marlin compliant services to provide an option for those adopters who prefer to outsource the cryptographic key management functions and provisioning operations.

Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) DRM

Seacert also provides TSP services for products based on Open Mobile Alliance DRM. We do so for OMA-only and for OMArlin deployments. Adopters using Seacert TSP services for OMA and Marlin joint deployments benefit from lower key costs, seamless interoperability, and a better consumer experience.

Using Seacert TSP services for OMArlin (OMA DRM and Marlin Broadband) enables service, application, and device providers to provide seamless interoperability between the two platforms by providing keys and certificates from a single source. Such digital certificates are ideal for IPTV deployments where a network operator or service provider may offer OMA DRM devices in a Marlin home domain.


Adopters who use Seacert services benefit by:

  1. Avoiding development costs and investment capital required to establish a secure Delegated Certification Authority and Provisioning Data Center;
  2. Accelerating time-to-market and minimizing schedule risks by outsourcing the cryptographic requirements of the Marlin and OMA technologies;
  3. Ensuring the secure generation of cryptographic keys through Seacert's use of specialized equipment, staff and processes;
  4. Eliminating the need to train employees on the procedures and controls required to manage cryptographic keys securely;
  5. Satisfying MTMO reporting requirements (Seacert handles them); and,
  6. Procuring, quickly and easily, both test and production keys, in whatever quantities are required. Keys and credentials are obtained as easily as other procured parts.

Seacert’s primary focus is to enable the success of Marlin and OMA technologies. We have developed a workflow process that minimizes the efforts required by adopters and results in a fast turnaround of orders. Moreover, due to the substantial experience of our staff in the areas of process engineering, secure systems and risk management, as well as Seacert's internal investment, Seacert fees are below those that would be charged by other likely Trust Service Providers.

For information on Seacert’s services please contact us at: info@seacert.com.